Emma Reaney, Olympic Trial Swimmer

"Throughout the workout, she pushed me to what she knew I was capable of (and beyond) and wouldn't let me get away with anything <100% effort"
"As a former collegiate/professional swimmer and American Record holder, I struggle to find exercise options that I enjoy AND also make me feel like I'm actually getting a good workout. By the end of our hour together, I was almost ready to puke, which is a sure sign of a great workout in my book.
Not only does Tracey really know her stuff, but she knows how to teach it, which is rare."

Jess Arnold, Sales Manager, Dropbox | Mom of 1 human and 1 dog

"Tracey is AWESOME!! Logistically it can be difficult for me to find the time to work out but Tracey meets me onsite at my work...I'm sore for days afterward!"
I've recently come back to work after having my first child and was dreading getting back into shape.
If you're looking for someone that is going to take the time to get to know you, your body and your goals- Tracey is your girl.  She is high energy, fun, motivating and committed to getting you to feel confident and strong.  So grateful I found Tracey and HIIT the Mitt! Her sessions are the highlight of my week!

Sara S, Former Pro Volleyball Player & UX Student

"Tracey is amazing at teaching the basics of kickboxing while making sure her clients get tough, fun, powerful, sweaty workout in!"
"After transitioning from student-athlete, and pro Volleyball player to full time office job I found it hard to find fun and challenging workouts that fit my schedule. I'm happy I found HIIT the Mitt. Tracey has an amazing skill, she teaches with such passion and positive energy - if you're not motivated to work hard for yourself, then at least work hard for Tracey, otherwise she'll make sure to kick your butt ;-) "

Dave Marz, Systems Administrator

"Tracey will always be on your side in the most supportive way while getting you to exercise at your peak levels"  
HIIT the Mitt workouts are fun, engaging, and above all else- they work... you.... out! I always leave feeling I've given 100%, which is a testament to Tracey as a trainer. First of all, she knows her stuff inside and out- she's a supremely knowledgeable trainer in different areas of exercise science and modalities. 

Kashyap, Software Engineer at Google

"Tracey's the best trainer you could have!"
"She's got a keen eye for technique and makes sure if you get something wrong, you practice it until you can do it right without thinking

What I like most is she doesn't let me give up easy - she makes sure I push myself until I'm actually tired and not just when I feel like I want to stop. πŸ™‚ This has led me to make way more measurable progress than when I work out by myself!"